Ace Hardware Is Now a UPS Access Point (Plus They Now Offer Free Off-Street Parking)

Ace Hardware 013

When Ace Hardware opened at 344 Ludlow Avenue over six years ago the whole neighborhood breathed a sigh of relief, as life suddenly became a lot more convenient. And things just got more convenient when Ace Hardware announced recently that they are now a UPS Access Point for easy parcel drop-off or collection. If you want a package to go out that day, bring it in by 4pm. Owner/manager Bryan Valerius told me today that the service is already popular, with international students taking advantage of it right off the bat. So that small little sign at the entrance to Ace Hardware means a big bunch of convenience for neighborhood residents – and so does the new free off-street parking (see bottom photo for details). We’re super happy to have Ace Hardware in the neighborhood – just one more small business making this a more vibrant (and did I forget to say convenient?) neighborhood.

Ace Hardware 012



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