Clifton Natural Foods Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Clifton Natural Foods 2015 30 year

This Saturday, November 7, Clifton Natural Foods is going to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Fortunately we’ll be able to celebrate the event at its new location, at 336 Ludlow Avenue in the heart of the Gaslight District. There will be lots of samples to try, plus discounts, gift basket raffles, and goodie bags. It’s been about a year and a half since Clifton Natural Foods moved to the Gaslight District (an event we wrote about in this blog entry), and it immediately seemed like a perfect fit. The owner, Bob Craig, couldn’t be happier, “We have half the space we had in Clifton Heights,” he said today, “but we have more product, and business has increased dramatically….We’re exceeding our expectations.” When asked how he liked the neighborhood, he said, “We love it. People here are invested in community. They want businesses to succeed. We really feel at home. Every day people tell me they’re so glad we’re in the neighborhood, and when you’re a retailer, that’s music to your ears.” He’s really looking forward to Saturday, and so are we–so come out and join the festivities!

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