Ace Hardware Is Now a UPS Access Point (Plus They Now Offer Free Off-Street Parking)

Ace Hardware 013

When Ace Hardware opened at 344 Ludlow Avenue over six years ago the whole neighborhood breathed a sigh of relief, as life suddenly became a lot more convenient. And things just got more convenient when Ace Hardware announced recently that they are now a UPS Access Point for easy parcel drop-off or collection. If you want a package to go out that day, bring it in by 4pm. Owner/manager Bryan Valerius told me today that the service is already popular, with international students taking advantage of it right off the bat. So that small little sign at the entrance to Ace Hardware means a big bunch of convenience for neighborhood residents – and so does the new free off-street parking (see bottom photo for details). We’re super happy to have Ace Hardware in the neighborhood – just one more small business making this a more vibrant (and did I forget to say convenient?) neighborhood.

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Steven Paul Lansky Reading & Performance at Clifton Cultural Arts Center Nov. 14

Steve Lansky photo

On Saturday, November 14 at 5:30 pm Steven Paul Lansky will host an event at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center (CCAC). Steve is a fiction writer, poet, musician, artist, and animated videographer who lives in Clifton. This free event might be seen as an overview of at least a small portion of Steve’s career, with both a literary reading and a multi-media presentation in connection with Jack Acid (which Steve has described as a “postmodern psychedelic picaresque novel modeled after the Appalachian jacktale)” as well as some live music. For this event Steve will receive a little help from his friends, including the singer and songwriter Angel Starlove, as well as the Wilson Snopes band, a two-piece band in which which Steve plays harmonica. This performance is a fundraiser to support Steve’s upcoming trip to the 20th Annual AAWP Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Steve will have plenty of things for sale, including downloads of the Jack Acid audionovel, a CD by Wilson Snopes, original art, and copies of the literary magazine This: A Serial Review, which included an excerpt from Jack Acid. Expect colorful prose and music from someone who has long been an important figure in Cincinnati’s literary scene; you’ll have an opportunity to see a projected image of this animated video in DVD quality that Steve created in collaboration with other Cincinnati artists:

Steve, who has both an MA and an MFA, taught at Miami University for 15 years. Once the poet laureate of Over the Rhine, Steve recently received a grant from the Ohio Arts Council. He has published two chapbooks, Main St. and Eleven Word Title for Confessional Political Poetry Originally Composed for Radio, as well as the audionovel Jack Acid. Recently Steve has published in Cosmonauts Avenue, Whole Terrain, New Flash Fiction Review, Black Clock 20, and St. Petersburg Review Issue 8.

Rainbow’s End, mixed media by Steven Paul Lansky

 Jack Acid is necessarily a trippy story, and by some turn of events this performance will take place in what was Steve Lansky’s fourth grade social studies classroom. The piece will bring the listener to the end of the rainbow where Jack Acid finds a lotus tree that miraculously fixes the bad front tooth that he broke as a child.

What Store is Going in There?

Cookie 1


There’s been so much going in Clifton lately that we can’t keep up with everything. Just the other day when we were walking past the building at 272 Ludlow Avenue, between Subway and Jagdeep’s, we saw a storefront where it looked like a new business in the process of moving in and getting ready to open a new shop in the Gaslight District. Beyond that, though, we don’t know much. We’ve been sending asking people on our Facebook page for any information, and thus far the only response we’ve gotten is this rather cryptic video. Any sleuths out there who have any theories about what business this might be that will soon grace Clifton?



Clifton Natural Foods Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Clifton Natural Foods 2015 30 year

This Saturday, November 7, Clifton Natural Foods is going to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Fortunately we’ll be able to celebrate the event at its new location, at 336 Ludlow Avenue in the heart of the Gaslight District. There will be lots of samples to try, plus discounts, gift basket raffles, and goodie bags. It’s been about a year and a half since Clifton Natural Foods moved to the Gaslight District (an event we wrote about in this blog entry), and it immediately seemed like a perfect fit. The owner, Bob Craig, couldn’t be happier, “We have half the space we had in Clifton Heights,” he said today, “but we have more product, and business has increased dramatically….We’re exceeding our expectations.” When asked how he liked the neighborhood, he said, “We love it. People here are invested in community. They want businesses to succeed. We really feel at home. Every day people tell me they’re so glad we’re in the neighborhood, and when you’re a retailer, that’s music to your ears.” He’s really looking forward to Saturday, and so are we–so come out and join the festivities!

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