Say Goodbye To The Old Library…

Clifton Library 002

In some respects it looked like just another day at the Clifton branch of the library when I dropped by there near the end of the day today, with people pecking away at computers and reading magazines and one guy returning a pile of children’t books stacked up to his chin. But some of the shelves were empty, or nearly so, and there were plenty of signs letting us know that the Clifton library was moving.

Clifton Library 003

The last hour of the last day…a good time to snap some photos, I thought, and reflect on all the years that it was part of the main drag in Clifton. It’s moving a few blocks, to a space that’s infinitely larger, and by doing so it will allow activities and events that weren’t possible in what we’ll now call “the old location.”

Clifton Library 004

But the old library had its charm, and we’ll miss it. Before I snapped a couple photos of the staff members who were there today. The second picture shows them waving – as in waving goodbye – but they assured me that all of the employees in the picture will work at the new place as well. That opens at the end of the month, and we’ll have plenty of picture of that as well.

Clifton Library 006

Clifton Library 007


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