Sally’s Treats & Treasures in Spring Grove Village

Project1There’s a new shop in Spring Grove Village (aka Winton Place) that you might want to check out.

Calling themselves a “center for the home cook,” Sally’s Treats & Treasures is part cookware shop, part carryout food, part meeting place for anyone wanting to learn more about how to cook or how to adjust to a newly prescribed diet.

“We’re not doctors, we won’t tell you what to eat,” says owner Laura Kristal, “But if you know your restriction (such as no salt, or wanting to switch to a whole foods vegan diet) we can help you go from feeling deprived to excited about your new delicious menu.”

Currently working on their commercial kitchen, Sally’s hopes to have the carryout food available soon. But for now, stop by and see their collection of gently-used cookware at great prices. The store is located at 701 East Epworth Ave (at the corner of North Edgewood, the zip is 45232) in Spring Grove Village, not far from the 75 and Mitchell exit. Hours are from noon to 6pm every Saturday, or by appointment.

 …And these are the folks who will be providing us with Myra’s soups very soon. For more information or to get on the mailing list, email



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