Leviathan is a New Movie at The Esquire


During the bitter cold winter weather seeing a good movie in a theater is one of the few recreational activities we all can enjoy, and there’s a great one at the Esquire. Leviathan is a Russian movie that won the 2014 Golden Globe Award for best foreign language film. The Russian have a flair for creating deeply depressing novels, movies, and even symphonies that make you feel the weight of history. Leviathan succeeded on those fronts and goes a step further, as there’s an element of the film that precedes recorded history—and that’s nature, red in tooth and claw (and, on the sea coast where the main character and his family live, gray and craggy and bleak, yet beautiful in its own haunting way). The story is set in the present, but by the time the first human appears—the main character walking out to his car, which makes that alien “beep-beep” sound that confirms we’re in the modern age—you already feel the tension between the present and the past and small and big. Too much plot analysis can ruin a film, so let me just say that the dark, depressing tone I hoped for when I walked in the theater was there in spades. During this Arctic-like weather, the longer the movie the better, and Leviathan clocks in at two hours and twenty minutes. On Sunday afternoon there was a decent-sized crowd, which leads me to suspect it’ll be around a little longer—but don’t lollygag, as there are no guarantees.

Sitwells Reopens; Come to the Open Mic!


This Thursday, February 19, Sitwells Coffee House will host an open mic. Of course such news begs the question, Did Sitwells reopen – and the answer is, they return to normal business hours (8am to 1am) tomorrow (Wednesday, February 18). The open mic, which starts at 9pm, will include music, spoken word (poetry, fiction, non-fiction), and stand-up comedy. Anyone can perform, so sign up and share this blog entry with your friends who write or sing or play (or crack jokes). Sitwells is located at 324 Ludlow Ave. in Clifton, and their phone number is 513.281.7487.

Sally’s Treats & Treasures in Spring Grove Village

Project1There’s a new shop in Spring Grove Village (aka Winton Place) that you might want to check out.

Calling themselves a “center for the home cook,” Sally’s Treats & Treasures is part cookware shop, part carryout food, part meeting place for anyone wanting to learn more about how to cook or how to adjust to a newly prescribed diet.

“We’re not doctors, we won’t tell you what to eat,” says owner Laura Kristal, “But if you know your restriction (such as no salt, or wanting to switch to a whole foods vegan diet) we can help you go from feeling deprived to excited about your new delicious menu.”

Currently working on their commercial kitchen, Sally’s hopes to have the carryout food available soon. But for now, stop by and see their collection of gently-used cookware at great prices. The store is located at 701 East Epworth Ave (at the corner of North Edgewood, the zip is 45232) in Spring Grove Village, not far from the 75 and Mitchell exit. Hours are from noon to 6pm every Saturday, or by appointment.

 …And these are the folks who will be providing us with Myra’s soups very soon. For more information or to get on the mailing list, email LKLK@aol.com.