Woodward Theater Is Now Open

Woodward Laura Hegel 004The Woodward Theater is officially open. While watching the Tiger Lilies/Hiders/Culture Queer triple bill last week, I snapped a few photos. It’s good to know that the Woodward is now part of the local woodwork; it definitely will help fill a gap for interesting bands that would draw a crowd too big for a bar. Here’s a link to the Facebook page for the Woodward TheaterThe Woodward Theater is located at 140 Main Street, close to Another Part of the Forest, Iris Book Cafe and other small businesses on Main Street and Over the Rhine. While I was there the place filled up, and I saw a lot of familiar faces that I’ve seen at places like the Northside Tavern, the Comet, and Sudsy Malone’s, and I was glad to see the word is spreading.



Woodward Laura Hegel 005









Woodward Laura Hegel 002












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