Steelism Play the MidPoint Music Festival Thursday


With dozens of bands performing at the MidPoint Music Festival this weekend, even the musical cognoscenti have to be scratching their head as they look over the list and saying, “Who are all these bands?” I don’t know them all either, but one group that I have heard and that sticks out out for me is the band Steelism, who play Mr. Pitiful’s at 10:30pm on the opening night of the festival (Thursday, September 25). Their all-instrumental music has a colorful, big screen sound that calls to mind the Midnight Cowboy  theme and soundtracks by Ennio Morricone; there’s also some film noir strangeness, psychedelia, and Duane Eddy twang in there. Something different – yet very accessible. Here’s a video from the Naxhville band Steelism that climaxes with the James Bond Theme:

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