Miles Davis in Cincinnati

Miles Davis MovieHere’s something to be excited about: a movie about one of the greatest jazz musicians ever is about to be filmed in Cincinnati.

That musician is Miles Davis, and the filming is set to take place in July. As with ‘Carol,’ ‘A Rage in Harlem,’ ‘The Public Eye’ and ‘Lost in Yonkers,’ modern-day Cincinnati will be transformed into midcentury New York City.

Miles Davis for blogOne of the intriguing things about the project is the fact that Miles Davis visited Cincinnati during every phase of his career. He played Cinci when his introspective style was described as “walking on eggshells,” and he also performed here after turning electric and throwing some Sly Stone into the mix.

Then, after battling back from serious health issues, he pMiles Davis for bloglayed here a couple times in the 1980s. That brings us to the two times I have been the same room as Miles Davis: one at the beginning of his “comeback,” and the other near the end of his life. In all, I saw Miles Davis perform three times, and each concert was radically different. I published a piece about that in, and if you’d like to know what happened when I saw Miles Davis in Cincinnnati, have a look-see: Miles Davis in Cincinnati.

Favorite Vapors Is The New Store on the Block

001Located at 368 Ludlow, Favorite Vapors ( is a new store in the Gaslight District. It’s the first store in the neighborhood to specialize in e-juices plus hardware and accessories. As stated on the Facebook page for Favorite Vapors, the store has “all your vaping needs in one spot.” When I visited the owners of the store, Chris and Tabitha Favorite, they explained that their clientele primarily consists of people who are either trying to quit smoking or did quit. Like the Bohemian Hookah Cafe located a few doors down on Ludlow Avenue, Favorite Vapors also appeals to people who just to try something exotic and different. The nice thing is, with over 60 tasty flavors to choose from, people can actually enjoy this alternative to smoking cigarettes, and everything is sold in a zero nicotine form. With tastes that resemble anything from fruits to cocktails mixes to desserts, favorite blends include 57 Chevy (with orange, pineapple, and rum), Cowboy Blend, and Milk and Honey. Hours for the store are Mon – Thu: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm; Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm; and Sun: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, and their phone number is (513) 446-7417. Come check them out and welcome them to the neighborhood! Favorite Vapors

University of Cincinnati Has Largest Graduating Class Ever

December CommencementThis weekend the University of Cincinnati conducted ceremonies for its largest graduating class ever, handing out 6,381 degrees to 6,272 students, The enrollment numbers are also breaking records: 43.000 breaks the previous record of 42,421. Add to that a record number of incoming freshmen (6,450) and incoming international undergraduates (over 1,000 slated), and you can see that UC is thriving. According to the UC New Record, “Increased enrollment could tax the university’s housing capacity, which can shelter 4,676 students this fall.”

That’s where Gaslight Property comes in. After all, Gaslight Property won the 2014 UC News Record’s “Best of UC” poll for Best Rental Property. There’s a reason we deserved to win the “Best of” contest—or several reasons, actually. Gaslight Property has a huge and varied selection of apartments available for rent in neighborhoods close to the University of Cincinnati, and we have a long history of renting to both undergraduate and graduate UC students. If you’re interesting in looking at some apartments, call Gaslight Property at 513.861.6000. We won that poll because we offer:

  • Classic Spaces: Like most cities, Cincinnati has its share of prefab apartment complexes, but Gaslight Property rents apartments with history and character.
  • Experience: Gaslight Property is a family-owned business that’s been part of Clifton for decades.
  • Accessibility: Gaslight Property’s office is in the heart of Clifton’s Gaslight District, within walking distance (or a short drive) for many of their tenants, so you can talk to us person to person.
  • Location: Most of Gaslight Property’s rentals are located in or near “The Uptown Area,” known for world-class education and healthcare. Within minutes you’ll find University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Cincinnati State, Hebrew Union College, University Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital. You’ll find many of Gaslight Property’s places are pet-friendly, within walking distance of unique shops, locally-owned cafes, an independent theater, and scenic parks. Most also have close access to public transportation.