Clifton Plaza Farmer’s Market Returns

1898225_10151971573343036_399450311_nClifton Plaza Farmer’s Market (located in the courtyard next to Om Eco Cafe on Ludlow Avenue) is back, offering a chance to show some support for local farmers and shop for fresh produce that takes place EVERY MONDAY from 5:30pm to 8pm. The Market blossomed into a fun and popular event last year,  making it one of the things that makes Clifton a special place. So come shop and mingle, and tell your friends too! One of the vendors returning from last year, Amanda Bowman, is a Gaslight Property resident. Amanda has created a blog devoted to growing and preparing food, “I’ve seen the life of food from seed, to seedling, to growing up in the soil,” she writes in her blog. “I’ve seen what I’ve worked hard to maintain become a bountiful harvest, delivering colorful and vibrant specimens to chefs, who appreciate the pure flavor, and the fact that what they are using is grown close to where they artfully craft it.” That spirit is there in spades when you visit the Clifton Plaza Farmer’s Market. Here are some photos from my visit there yesterday:

Clifton Plaza Market 007 Clifton Plaza Market 006 Clifton Plaza Market 005 Clifton Plaza Market 004 Clifton Plaza Market 002 Clifton Plaza Market 001


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