My Favorite Bogart’s Concerts

Bogarts-Corryville-CincinnatiHow do you know you’re a music nerd? One hint is that you have a vast collection of memorabilia devoted to concerts you attended over the years. That could include posters, handbills, ads and reviews from the paper, tickets…I’ve got all those things and more. Today I scanned all the Bogart’s tickets that I’ve kept since I attended my first show there back in the ’70s.

This precedes my upcoming blog entries dedicated to my 10 favorite Bogart’s concerts. As I started to make my list I realized that this was going to be a painful process, as I hated to leave out some fabulous shows. For that reason my first round is going to be devoted to honorable mentions, of which there will be many. I have lots of other Bogart’s memorabilia that I’ll dig out for this series.

These tickets, btw, represent a fraction of the Bogart’s shows I attended, as I didn’t keep everything. Also, there was a period during the 1980s when I used to hang w/some folks who worked there;  I killed some time backstage and caught some freebies. That was an exciting period musically, and Short Vine was happening, with Bogart’s bringing in lots of good shows and a fine laundromat across the street. There was also a period when I reviewed concerts for the Cincinnati Enquirer. I’ll get to all that – but for now, here are the tickets stubs that managed to make it home. (btw, if you click the image it will magnify, making a lot easier to read the names)

Bogarts tickets 1

Bogarts tickets 3











Bogarts tickets 4

Bogarts tickets 2














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