Check Out the Bogart’s Memories Facebook Group

Bogarts-logoBogart’s Memories (Cincinnati, OH) is a Facebook page where hundreds of people write and read about concerts they attended at the iconic music venue since it opened in 1975. There’s lots of memorabilia—ticket stubs, posters, fliers, pictures, videos, etc.—and people discussing memorable shows in every conceivable genre. Everyone who lives in Cincinnati has been to Bogart’s, and it’s also been a significant regional draw. When I contacted the person who formed the Facebook Group, Robert Wendel, he wrote, “I got the idea after one day cleaning out a closet. I found the old fliers that Bogart’s used to mail out back in the 80’s, informing what bands would be playing there in the near future.

“With those and the ticket stubs I had saved from most of the concerts I attended @ Bogarts, I decided to make a FB page to keep the memories going. The general manager of Bogarts Karen Foley loves the page so much, she used my fliers and stubs to make cool collage on the wall @ Bogarts.”

The Facebook group members aren’t just fans, either: “A lot of them are members of bands that played @ Bogarts at one time or another, the latest being David T. Chastain.”

This comes at a good time, as Bogart’s recently underwent significant improvements and will be creating new memories for many years to come. Their Facebook page is a work in progress, and your entry doesn’t have to be decades old—for example, I recently posted on their page a blog entry about a recent Todd Rundgren show that took place at Bogart’s. So check it out, join it, and share your own memories and memorabilia!

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