A Pinball Parlor on Main Street

100_4843Did you know there’s a pinball parlor on Main Street? The other day I was walking down the 1300 block of Main when I saw, from across the street, a sign for Porter’s Pinball Parlor, and. inside. a line  of pinball machines. That was a surprise, and a good one at that, a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 11am to 9pm. The parlor is located at 1334 Main Street, next door to Shadeau Breads and across the street from Iris Book Cafe and the world’s best record store, Another Part of the Forest.

This comes at a good time. We now know that the beleaguered streetcar will actually become a reality, which can be interpreted as Cincinnati’s way of showing some love for Over-the-Rhine. In the last five years I’ve seen, in slow motion, the changes taking place in the neighborhood. There are flashier spots than Main Street, and that’s cool. The more down-to-earth and low-key locations also need to be part of the mix, however, and that’s why the Main Street is so important. It’s places like the pinball parlor and the other stores I mentioned that help give Over-the-Rhine so much character.

Interestingly, Main Street is becoming a mecca for pinball lovers, as MOTR Pub has had several pinball machines ever since it opened. That’s been one of my favorite things about going there (I also discovered that they serve beer), although I keep losing to this hustler who always tries to convince me that I stand even a smidgen of a chance of beating her. Watch out for her, as she’s one of those people who gets top score for ten years in a row but tries to pretend that she’s just like the rest of us.

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