Live Music at the Listing Loon

Listing LoonThe Listing Loon is a craft beer and wine bottle shop located at 4124 Hamilton Avenue in Northside; its phone number is 513.542.5666. It’s been around for almost two years, and during that time it’s kept adding events, some musical and others that tie in directly with alcohol (wine tastings, etc.). Their schedule includes Piano Wednesdays, and  starting at 8pm this Wednesday, December 4, jazz pianist Chris Comer will be performing duets with bassist Bryan Berwanger.

It’s also worth nothing that the Listing Loon is hosting “Tuesday Night Vinyl Sessions” that start at 8pm and are all about spinning records. Vinyl nights continue to spread around  Cincinnati – in fact, a new one just popped up at The Drinkery in Over-the-Rhine; they take place every Wednesday, starting at 9pm.

Back to Chris Comer: here’s some nicely-shot and -edited footage of him performing recently with a trio:

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