Northside Record Fair on Saturday

100_4802The second annual Northside Record Fair takes place this Saturday, November 23rd. The first record fair was a huge success, with a full house from beginning to end. (I know; I was there.)

This record fair will take place at the Northside Presbyterian Church, 4222 Hamilton Ave from 11am to 4pm. Admission is $5, but if you want to be an early bird, $10 will get you in at 10am.

The last I heard there were still two tables left for vendors; full tables cost $25 while half-tables cost $15.

I wrote a blog entry about last year’s record fair and included some photos. Here’s a link to that blog entry.

Because I write about vinyl so often, I also want to sneak in that I recently created a “category” on the right side of this page called “vinyl.” Entries have to do with record stores, record shows, local record labels that are vinyl only, and so on – so if you have a second, check it out.

Also, my friends King Reeves and Charlie Wilson and their sextet will be performing John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme in its entirety (and other Coltrane compositions) at the Blue Wisp on Friday, December 6th from 7pm to 10pm. Included in the sextet will be saxophonist Eddie Bayard, a very powerful tenor player who is very well-respected by the jazz community on a national level. Also, the band will include not one but two drummers, which is something that Coltrane used to do. Here’s some footage I shot one night when Bayard was soloing and the band only had one drummer. Imagine what kind of damage they could do with two:


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