Have You Heard of Nextdoor Clifton?

Annunciation School in Clifton

A couple months ago someone suggested I join Nextdoor Clifton, the Clifton version of Nextdoor, which describes itself as a “free private social network for your neighborhood community.” I did so not knowing if it would be worth my time. Now that I’m a veteran, though, I can say that Nextdoor Clifton is a highly useful website that also helps you feel more connected with your neighborhood.

Many people post on Nextdoor looking for recommendations. This person needs a piano tuner, that person wants a landscaper. Someone else is looking for a good gutter cleaner. I find this part of the social network particularly useful; it reminds us that sometimes you have to go beyond Google and actually communicate with people who have experience in an area where you don’t.

Along with a “Free Items” section, people post things they want to sell or buy. A friend of mine posted that he was searching for a turntable, and people responded; the one he ended up buying was only a few blocks away from where he lived. Likewise, I announced that I bought records, and again people responded.

Part of the appeal, then, is the convenience factor. Rather than drive twenty miles to buy something, you can walk a couple blocks.

Nextdoor is also a useful tool for finding out about neighborhood events. A current example would be this posting in regard to Annunciation School, which has been a part of Clifton for 100 years:

Annunciation School Open House


School Tours and Classroom Open House
for prospective students and their families
Pre-School – 8th Grade

3545 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
(513) 221-1230

3:00-5:00 p.m.

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