Record Show After The Bengals-Browns Game

After the Bengals-Browns Game tomorrow (Sunday, September 29) a record show will take place at MadTree Brewing Company at 5164 Kennedy Avenue. From 5pm to 8pm people will be buying and selling records. There’s no charge for buyers; for people setting up a table, the charge is going to be five or ten bucks; and if you just want to bring one box of records to sell, that’s free. We had a good turnout at the last show, and in general record shows have been catching on around here as people realize that there are opportunities to find 33s and 45s that don’t always show up in record shows (and often at cheaper prices). Also, we’ve had people show up who simply want to sell their record collection, and that’s a quick, painless, and profitable way to do that. For more information, here’s a link to the Facebook page for the event.




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