Record Show After The Bengals-Browns Game

After the Bengals-Browns Game tomorrow (Sunday, September 29) a record show will take place at MadTree Brewing Company at 5164 Kennedy Avenue. From 5pm to 8pm people will be buying and selling records. There’s no charge for buyers; for people setting up a table, the charge is going to be five or ten bucks; and if you just want to bring one box of records to sell, that’s free. We had a good turnout at the last show, and in general record shows have been catching on around here as people realize that there are opportunities to find 33s and 45s that don’t always show up in record shows (and often at cheaper prices). Also, we’ve had people show up who simply want to sell their record collection, and that’s a quick, painless, and profitable way to do that. For more information, here’s a link to the Facebook page for the event.




At MidPoint Tonight


As fate has it, the two best MidPoint artists are playing back-to-back tonight at Washington Park – Main Stage. At 7:15 a neo-soul artist named Cody ChesnuTT will take the stage. Last year’s Landing on a Hundred was a brilliant album, with great hooks, funky beats, and a touch of reggae. I transferred the album from CD to tape and then then threw it in my cassette player in my car, where it got a lot of air play. Whenever this song came on I’d roll down the window and crank the stereo so that the people who looked like they were taking life too seriously would have a brief respite from their somberness:

At 8:45pm the amazing Shuggie Otis will take over. Shuggie’s best work ranks right up there with Sly Stone. Soul and funk were woven into his dreamy pop confections, and he also played a mean guitar. The song he wrote that is most well-known – because of the Brothers Johnson hit from the 1970s – is “Strawberry Letter 23:”


Coming to the Blue Wisp on Friday, October 4

On Friday, October 4 at The Blue Wisp a free concert will take place that’s been a long time coming. If you’ve seen vibraphonist King Reeves and pianist Charlie Wilson perform live, you know they’re world-class jazz musicians. Yet they’ve never played together at the Blue Wisp, which due to its high profile and central location (700 Race Street) is an ideal venue for people to check out these veteran players.

The concert is free, and it runs from 6pm to 10pm. Both the early start and the lack of a cover charge are an attempt to woo the nine-to-five folks who get off work on Friday and want to either (a) try something different or (b) were curious about The Blue Wisp (or both). The show is being billed as an Evening of Duets because another talented twosome, April Aloisio on vocals and Philip Burkhead on piano, will open the show. Continue reading “Coming to the Blue Wisp on Friday, October 4”

New at Cliftonfest This Year

For the second annual Cliftonfest taking place Sept. 27 – 29, many of the highlights from last year – including nonstop live music on three stages, artisan booths, and art carpets – will return. There are some new things happening, however, that you should know about now so you can plan ahead:

  • Mural Painting at IGA. After peeking in the window of the perpetually non-reopening IGA countless times, my theory is this: whoever owns the building now saw Tarkovsky’s Stalker, which features endless footage of industrial wreckage in Russia, and wants to make the inside of our old grocery store look and feel like that. The mural painting, which will take place from 6pm to 9pm on Friday,  will provide a much-needed antidote to this rather dubious homage to an overrated Russian art film.   🙂
  • Pet Parade.  The first Cliftonfest Pet Parade will take place Sunday. The parade’s starting point will be the parking lot of the Annunciation Church on Clifton Avenue, and you should show up there by 1:45. Starting at 2 pm, the parade will march down Clifton Ave., turn right on Ludlow, and stop at the Main Stage near Middleton Avenue.
  • Seed Swap. A seed swap will take place from 1pm to 3pm on Sunday next to Adrian Durbin Florist. The premise is simple enough: for every kind of seed you bring, you take away a neighbor’s seeds in exchange.
  • 5K Run. The 5K run will start at 9am on Sunday. Pre-registration ends ends Monday September 23, 2013; race-day registration opens 8am. Details about the run and registration are available at Cincinnati Running Website.

As was the case last year, Gaslight Property is among the sponsors for this event.

A Today-Only Special at Olives (Hint: It Involves Hamburgers)

If you woke up feeling like there was something special about today, now you know why: today Olives on Ludlow is offering a one-time special – not every Monday, just this Monday — that involves hamburgers. In their own words, on their own Facebook page, “Just for you, today, we are gonna offer a sweet deal, buy one get one burgers. Just tell your server we are friends by writing Facebook on your check. Dine in only.” The special is in effect for the rest of the day, and Olives stays open until 10 pm.

Don’t forget, too, that Gaslight Market in the Clifton Plaza takes place every Monday from 5pm to 8pm. The Gaslight Market quickly grew in size, with new vendors continually popping up and customers increasing every week. Here are some photos I snapped of the farmers market a couple weeks ago: Continue reading “A Today-Only Special at Olives (Hint: It Involves Hamburgers)”

Bogart’s September Ticket Discount Ends Wednesday

The Bogart’s “welcome-back” discount, timed for returning students but available to anyone, continues until Wednesday of this week.

With this discount, any tickets for September shows with a value over twenty dollars are now available for twenty, no matter how much they originally cost. Here’s  the lineup for the month of September (if you click, it will expand to become clearly legible):