Video of Northside 4th of July Parade!

Here’s some footage of the Northside 4th of July Parade. On reflection, the rain made it feel like a Dionysian rebirth, and visually I liked how everything seemed shiny due to the rain.

The rain threw a wild card into things, I suspect, and when folks did start moseying down that hill the first round seemed all squished together, with Jim Tarbell aka Mr. Cincinnati leading the pack:






Then came the Men’s Drill Team in all their glory:

I have yet to figure out who this marching band was, but if anybody knows, fill me in, because they deserved recognition – they rocked!

Then came what some would argue is the highlight of the parade every year, the  lovable Lawnchair Ladies:

Then came what I will refer to as the “minimalist” portion of the parade. In an effort to scale things down a bit on the public transportation end of things, Cincinnati Metro has created a new, more compact bus. Following suit, the unicyclers of Cincinnati have decided that two tires is excessive, and one is all you really need:

Up next, Rhythm & Motion:

This one already seems to be a hit on youtube; here you have Hula Hoops followed by a crazed pack of zombies:

And my last bit of footage is Bust a Move. A very lively parade this year, and much cooler than in years past, thankfully!






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