East Price Hill: A Classic Cincinnati Neighborhood

Gaslight Property is excited to announce some freshly renovated apartments that have very recently became available in East Price Hill. Much of our enthusiasm for the Incline Ridge Apartments, located at 2361 – 2379 Maryland Avenue, has to do with the neighborhood itself, which, in the accurate words of eastpricehill.org, “is experiencing a renaissance of sorts.” Recently we talked to Tom Gamel, President of the East Price Hill Improvement Association. His enthusiasm for the neighborhood is contagious, and for a good reason: he’s a life-long resident. Here are some of the things we like about East Price Hill:

Convenient Location. Tom Gamel put it well: “Our community is so close to everything. It’s so close to the expressway. It’s convenient for getting to key shopping centers in Northern Kentucky, and it’s within five minutes of downtown Cincinnati.”

A Fabulous View. You can’t beat the view that East Price Hill has of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and—best of all—the downtown skyline. “It has better views that some of the Mt Adams sites,” Tom Gamel said. And the view our newly available apartments offer is as good as it gets.

Things to Do, and Places to Go—A Mixture of Old and New. Talk to someone from East Price Hill, and they’ll very quickly mention the Incline Public House, a restaurant that opened in March of this year. The restaurant—which along with great food and craft beer has a breathtaking view—has been a hit from the beginning, and when we were there it was packed. As Tom Gamel put it, “The newness has not worn off. It’s going to be a sustainable business. We haven’t even gotten to the warm months yet, when the deck will be fully utilized.” Also of note is The Queens Tower, a high-rise condo tower with the Prima Vista (which was named “Best Italian Restaurant” in Cincinnati Magazine) on the ground floor. Other East Price Hill landmarks include Holy Family Church and St. Lawrence Church. Tom Gamel also spoke highly of Cincinnati Christian University, which used to be Cincinnati Bible College. “They’ve invested a lot of money in community and have expanded over the years,” he said. “They’re good partners in the community.”  There has also been an award-winning makeover of the historic Elberon Apartments for seniors. And let’s not forget Mt. Echo Park, an 82-acre park with a panoramic view of the river and the Cincinnati skyline. It features two shelters, hiking trails, a playground, and lots of green space.

A Rich History. East Price Hill is a classic Cincinnati neighborhood that’s associated with The Incline, which was completed in 1874 and was instrumental in the development of the neighborhood.

Community Pride. When you talk to residents of East Price Hill – or if you visit their website –  you see evidence of the pride the citizens feel for their community. For example, check out the signs people were holding when this photograph that was taken on East Price Hill Cleanup Day:

In our next blog entry we’ll zero in on the Incline Ridge Apartments. First, though, check out these photographs taken in the neighborhood where you would be living, East Price Hill.

Inclie Public House
Queens Tower, with the Prima Vista Restaurant on the ground floor
A view of downtown Cincinnati from East Price Hill


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