Hair Salon in the Gaslight, + Northside Farmers Market Moves Outside

Makin Heads Turn Salon is a full-service salon located in the Gaslight District.

Here’s a figure to throw at your next cocktail party: 12,618 people live in Clifton. That’s a lot of folks, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that there are people living in Clifton who think they have to go elsewhere to get a haircut.

That’s because the two salons that do exist in Clifton are located in inconspicuous places. Head First at 329-1/2 Ludlow Ave. is behind and under Aquarius Star/Om Cafe, and people walk past the building with no idea there’s a hair salon there.

And there are people who eat at Bruegger’s Bagels who are unaware that the salon Makin Heads Turn, which opened late last year, right is across the street. (Technically the address is 3307 Clifton Avenue, but the entrance is on Terrace Avenue.)

Things have been going extremely well for the salon’s owner, Saira Huckleberry, and when I got my hair cut there last week she filled me in on some of the latest. Since I last talked to her the staff has expanded, and Saira was especially excited about the work that Ebony Collins has been doing there. Ebony has been teaching hair for seven years, and her specialties include extensions, braiding, and dreadlocks. I should add that the services Making Heads Turns offers include eyebrow waxing and nails. Call Makin Heads Turn at 513.407.3911 and see what Saira, Ebony, or one of the other stylists can do for you.

I should also mention that Saira is receiving so much business that she is eager to expand, so any stylists to call her and talk about future opportunities.


In other news, Northside Farmers Market has moved outside. Now through October 16th Northside Farmers Market will be located in Hoffner Park on the corner of Blue Rock and Hamilton Avenue in Northside. The NFM continues rain or shine, so check them out every Wednesday from 4-7pm.

Northside Farmers Market has food-to-table demonstrations, live music and more every week. May is “planting your garden month,” and a lot of vendors will have vegetables, herbs and native plants to grow in your garden. New vendors such as Goodin Tasty will have delicious rubs for your meats, Probasco Farm will have veggies that were grown in Northside and Mr. Gene’s Mustards will garnish your picnics. Returning for another summer with NFM is Street Pops, Happy Chicks Bakery, Sweets by Shannon, Backyard Orchard and Idyllwild Farm.


And finally, this Friday, May 17 the hip-hop band iswhat?! will have an album release party at MOTR Pub. The new release is called things that go bump in the dark, and it is available on both CD and vinyl. It should be a fun night,  and a chance to show some support for a band that’s been getting attention around the globe. In fact, I’m guessing that it’s because iswhat?! is so busy touring that this album release party didn’t happen a little sooner.

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