Small Businesses Breathe New Life Into Short Vine in Corryville

On the beautiful day that was yesterday I took a walk up to Short Vine and snapped some photos and chatted with some folks. It’s exciting to see the new small businesses popping up up and down the street, and I encourage anyone reading this to do what I done: head over to Short Vine and have a look around. Early in my visit I happened upon a sandwich shop that has been on Short Vine about two weeks. Which Wich is located at 2904 Vine, and its phone number is 513.751.9424. Bill Bala, the owner of Which Wich, was a nice, professional man who posed in front of his superior sandwich shop:

Which Wich












About a block up I dropped into Island Frydays at 2826 Vine St, where for $3.50 I bought a jerk wrap that rocked. While I was there I made a couple new friends, Schnell and Sasha, who also agreed to pose out front of their restaurant, which has been a bright spot on Short Vine for what, a couple years now?

Schnell and Sasha from Island Frydays












Another food venue, Alabama Que (located at 2733 Vine), appeared on the next block. When I checked the Facebook page for Alabama Que, I came to realize that today marks an important milestone for the restaurant. Here’ s what they posted a few hours ago: Today marks the one year anniversary of our Clifton location. One year ago we open the doors with one cashier and one cook. Now Alabama Que has 14 employees. We can’t make everyone happy, but we are ok with 98% .. #OoooWeee !!!!!!!!

Alabama Que












On the same block as Bogart’s is the new Mio’s, which, when I walked in, looked like a good place to eat and have a drink:













Speaking of having a drink, don’t forget Dive Bar located at 2608 Vine St, which has a great outdoor deck in back. A great place to go before or after a Bogart’s show:

Dive Bar on Short Vine in Corryville
Dive Bar












Across the street from Dive Bar is Caribe, at 2605 Vine St. Caribe features both Spanish and Caribbean Food, and it’s an opportunity to eat some very affordable food that you don’t see every day (such as empanadas, coconut chicken, citrus chicken, and tostones). Caribe has been up and running for a couple months, and the manager of the restaurant, Russ, was enthusiastic about the progress he has seen on Short Vine even in the short time he has been there.













I could go on, but that begins to give you a taste of the new business and new life on Short Vine. The street is coming back to life, and I’m happy to see that happen, especially with small, people-owned businesses playing such a large role in it.

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