Todd Rundgren + Bogart’s = Nostalgia

If you walked into the recent Todd Rundgren show at Bogart’s, you could feel the nostalgia in the air. The audience primarily consisted of baby boomers, and many of them came as couples. Todd has long enjoyed what marketing pros would refer to as “brand loyalty;” an old buddy I ran into exclaimed that was his thirtieth Todd show, and someone else said that she had now seen him 21 times.

Surely the long-term fans felt a sense of nostalgia seeing Todd again, and surely there were plenty of people there who, as soon as they walked through the doors that evening, got a whiff of Auld Lang Syne as they returned to the nightclub they first attended as teenagers. But it wasn’t all nostalgia, as Bogart’s has undergone some very positive changes recently. One of the first things returning baby-boomers would have noticed was that the lack of smoke. That, of course, is Ohio law, and a good one. Recently, though, Bogart’s set up a cool outdoor smoking patio, which was plenty popular that evening. Continue reading “Todd Rundgren + Bogart’s = Nostalgia”

Incline Ridge Apartments Are Ready to Rent!

Incline Ridge Apartments in East Price Hill. Call 513.861.6000 to learn more.

The Incline Ridge Apartments, located at 2361 – 2377 Maryland Avenue, are now ready to rent. Located in the Incline District in East Price Hill, these freshly-renovated apartments feel brand new at the same time that they’re located in a classic Cincinnati neighborhood – in other words, they offer the best of both worlds.

“The best of both worlds” would also apply to the fact that the apartments are on a peaceful and quiet street at the same time that they’re close to downtown and Northern Kentucky and within walking distance of places like the Incline Public House in East Price Hill.

Incline Ridge Apartments contain newly renovated apartments with brand new, stylish, stainless appliances. These two-bedroom apartments contain 875 square feet, and they feature long balconies — long enough to link the master bedroom and the living room.

And those balconies offer a fabulous view. In fact, the view competes with any in Price Hill or for that matter the whole city. If you have any interest in finding out more about these or any of the other apartments Gaslight Property has to offer, call us at 513.861.6000. Our agents would love to tell you more about these apartments!





East Price Hill: A Classic Cincinnati Neighborhood

Gaslight Property is excited to announce some freshly renovated apartments that have very recently became available in East Price Hill. Much of our enthusiasm for the Incline Ridge Apartments, located at 2361 – 2379 Maryland Avenue, has to do with the neighborhood itself, which, in the accurate words of, “is experiencing a renaissance of sorts.” Recently we talked to Tom Gamel, President of the East Price Hill Improvement Association. His enthusiasm for the neighborhood is contagious, and for a good reason: he’s a life-long resident. Here are some of the things we like about East Price Hill:

Convenient Location. Tom Gamel put it well: “Our community is so close to everything. It’s so close to the expressway. It’s convenient for getting to key shopping centers in Northern Kentucky, and it’s within five minutes of downtown Cincinnati.”

A Fabulous View. You can’t beat the view that East Price Hill has of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and—best of all—the downtown skyline. “It has better views that some of the Mt Adams sites,” Tom Gamel said. And the view our newly available apartments offer is as good as it gets.

Things to Do, and Places to Go—A Mixture of Old and New. Talk to someone from East Price Hill, and they’ll very quickly mention the Incline Public House, a restaurant that opened in March of this year. The restaurant—which along with great food and craft beer has a breathtaking view—has been a hit from the beginning, and when we were there it was packed. As Tom Gamel put it, “The newness has not worn off. It’s going to be a sustainable business. We haven’t even gotten to the warm months yet, when the deck will be fully utilized.” Also of note is The Queens Tower, a high-rise condo tower with the Prima Vista (which was named “Best Italian Restaurant” in Cincinnati Magazine) on the ground floor. Other East Price Hill landmarks include Holy Family Church and St. Lawrence Church. Tom Gamel also spoke highly of Cincinnati Christian University, which used to be Cincinnati Bible College. “They’ve invested a lot of money in community and have expanded over the years,” he said. “They’re good partners in the community.”  There has also been an award-winning makeover of the historic Elberon Apartments for seniors. And let’s not forget Mt. Echo Park, an 82-acre park with a panoramic view of the river and the Cincinnati skyline. It features two shelters, hiking trails, a playground, and lots of green space.

A Rich History. East Price Hill is a classic Cincinnati neighborhood that’s associated with The Incline, which was completed in 1874 and was instrumental in the development of the neighborhood.

Community Pride. When you talk to residents of East Price Hill – or if you visit their website –  you see evidence of the pride the citizens feel for their community. For example, check out the signs people were holding when this photograph that was taken on East Price Hill Cleanup Day:

In our next blog entry we’ll zero in on the Incline Ridge Apartments. First, though, check out these photographs taken in the neighborhood where you would be living, East Price Hill.

Inclie Public House
Queens Tower, with the Prima Vista Restaurant on the ground floor
A view of downtown Cincinnati from East Price Hill

Hair Salon in the Gaslight, + Northside Farmers Market Moves Outside

Makin Heads Turn Salon is a full-service salon located in the Gaslight District.

Here’s a figure to throw at your next cocktail party: 12,618 people live in Clifton. That’s a lot of folks, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that there are people living in Clifton who think they have to go elsewhere to get a haircut.

That’s because the two salons that do exist in Clifton are located in inconspicuous places. Head First at 329-1/2 Ludlow Ave. is behind and under Aquarius Star/Om Cafe, and people walk past the building with no idea there’s a hair salon there.

And there are people who eat at Bruegger’s Bagels who are unaware that the salon Makin Heads Turn, which opened late last year, right is across the street. (Technically the address is 3307 Clifton Avenue, but the entrance is on Terrace Avenue.)

Things have been going extremely well for the salon’s owner, Saira Huckleberry, and when I got my hair cut there last week she filled me in on some of the latest. Since I last talked to her the staff has expanded, and Saira was especially excited about the work that Ebony Collins has been doing there. Ebony has been teaching hair for seven years, and her specialties include extensions, braiding, and dreadlocks. I should add that the services Making Heads Turns offers include eyebrow waxing and nails. Call Makin Heads Turn at 513.407.3911 and see what Saira, Ebony, or one of the other stylists can do for you. Continue reading “Hair Salon in the Gaslight, + Northside Farmers Market Moves Outside”

Special Events Every Night on Ludlow Avenue!

Did you know that there are special events and special prices seven nights a week on Ludlow Avenue? Here’s something to stick on your fridge: once-a-week special events and specials that take place every week on Ludlow Avenue in Clifton.

  • Sundays

Sitwell’s serves Belgian waffles from 8am to 4pm.

  • Mondays

Habenero’s serves $5 burritos + $2 Tecate bottles.

J. Gumbo’s Clifton serves $5 red beans and rice .

  • Tuesdays

Habanero’s serves $2 tacos + $2 Dos Equis draft beers.

Esquire Theatre hosts “Bargain Day.” All seats are $6 for the whole day.

Olive’s hosts “Trivia Tuesday” from 7pm to 9pm.

  • Wednesdays

Olives on Ludlow has a wine special from 5pm to 9pm; all bottles are half-price.

Sitwell’s hosts the Faux Frenchmen, a gypsy jazz quartet.

Arlin’s serves 45 cent wings + $2.75 imports.

  • Thursdays

Arlin’s has free pool.

J. Gumbo’s Clifton serves $1 fountain drinks.

  • Fridays

Ludlow Wines hosts a wine tasting from 5pm to 8 pm.

  • Saturdays

Ludlow Wines hosts a wine and beer tasting from 5pm to 8pm.

J. Gumbo’s Clifton serves hangover jambalaya, which uses beer instead of water to cook the rice, making it spicier. This special costs $8 for a bowl of hangover jambalaya + a drink.

Listen to This! at the Downtown Library

There are lots of events at Cincinnati’s downtown library these days that you wouldn’t expect to take place a library—and one of them is a listening party. (The series is called “Listen to This!”)

When I think of the phrase “listening party,” I think of all those great album covers from the 1950s and 1960s that show mom and dad sitting on the floor listening to records with their children (that or a cluster of of parent-free kids or teeny boppers enjoying the pleasure of spinning vinyl). Ah, the old days…and Listen to This! is helping to bring back that time-honored tradition. Every other Wednesday, from 7pm to 8:15pm, folks sit around and listen to music. They discuss the music a little but not too much.

The next Listen to This! takes place this Wednesday, May 8, and for this round I’ll be the host. For an hour and fifteen minutes I’ll play music connected in one way or another with my Grodeck Whipperjenny article that appeared recently in Cincinnati Magazine. Continue reading “Listen to This! at the Downtown Library”

Small Businesses Breathe New Life Into Short Vine in Corryville

On the beautiful day that was yesterday I took a walk up to Short Vine and snapped some photos and chatted with some folks. It’s exciting to see the new small businesses popping up up and down the street, and I encourage anyone reading this to do what I done: head over to Short Vine and have a look around. Early in my visit I happened upon a sandwich shop that has been on Short Vine about two weeks. Which Wich is located at 2904 Vine, and its phone number is 513.751.9424. Bill Bala, the owner of Which Wich, was a nice, professional man who posed in front of his superior sandwich shop:

Which Wich












Continue reading “Small Businesses Breathe New Life Into Short Vine in Corryville”