Bogart’s, Daniels Pub, Nelson Slater, Short Vine, Wish You Were Here, & Gaslight Night at Clifton Performance Theatre

The theme of this particular blog entry is goings on around Short Vine, and I encourage any readers brave enough to follow what might like seem a circuitous verbal trail to remember that. My adventures began the night I handed out umpteen beer cozies at a table for Gaslight Property at Bogart’s while Wish You Were Here, a Pink Floyd tribute band, played a long show that included, along with both earlier and later material, all of Animals and Wish You Were Here. The club was packed, and even in the back, where I was sitting, crowd members were singing along whenever Pink Floyd’s biggest hits were performed. I was able to leave the table long enough to film one song:

Upcoming Bogart’s shows include Insane Clown Posse on May 13 and Todd Rundgren on May 18.

A week later I was back up on Short Vine, where I visited the new Mio’s Pizzeria at 2634 Vine St.

Mio's Pizzeria












But the night did not end there. Somehow I ended up in the basement of Daniels watching the Nelson Slater album release party. Everyone who knows me knows that I can ramble on and on about the merits or unmerits of a piece of music….I have put people to sleep. However, for this particular performance I prefer to let the music speak for itself:

Speaking of letting something speak for itself, here is some information about a discount for Gaslight Residents to see the new play Apartment 3A at Clifton Performance Theatre.

“Gaslight Night” ($8 tickets! ($10 discount))
Thursday April 18th, 2013 @ 8:00pm  
The Clifton Performance Theatre
404 Ludlow Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
Have you ever looked at the awning heading into the basement of Gaslight Properties’ that reads “CLIFTON PERFORMANCE THEATRE” and wondered what the hell goes on down there? Well, wonder no more!
On Thursday April 18th, Untethered Theatre Co. (UTC) of The Clifton Performance Theatre invite Gaslight Residents for discounted $8 tickets to the Cincinnati Premiere of Jeff Daniel’s original play APARTMENT 3A. Tickets are traditionally $18, but as our neighbor we want to give you the opportunity to see one of our productions for an extremely reasonable price
Seating is limited (50). The Gaslight $8 Discount is cash only and on a first-come first-serve basis. Bring any/everyone you know living in Gaslight Properties, arrive early to ensure yourself a seat, tell the UTC employee at admission that you are a Gaslight Resident, and receive all of your tickets for $10 off the original price, totalling $8 per ticket.


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