Wish You Were Here Update: Interview with Band Member Eric Sosinski

Today I spoke on the phone with Eric Sosinski,the bassist, co-lead vocalist, music director and manager of Wish You Were Here, the Pink Floyd tribute band that will be performing at Bogart’s this Saturday, April 6. Eric lives in Cleveland, but during our conversation I learned that one of the other members of Wish You Were Here (Jamie Combs, who plays guitar and handles the other lead vocals) is from Cincinnati; Jamie is also a member of the popular local band Fourth Day Echo. Eric also informed that band members will be doing a meet and greet at the merch table about 8:20 that night, so walk over and ask him your Pink Floyd questions. These were mine:

How long has Wish You Been Here been together?

We formed in late 1995. It’s one of the longest continually running Pink Floyd tribute bands. We’re coming up on 20 years, and it’s been a successful run.

What’s the biggest challenge about playing the music of Pink Floyd live?

You have to be careful not only what you play but what you don’t play Often the space between the notes is just as important. You have to play it in the style of the artist. Details, sound effects, specific notes, drum fills, also the sounds. It helps to use the right gear , the effects, the keyboards.

Pink Floyd live isn’t just musicians playing instruments; there’s also the  lights and the props and so forth, yet a club setting is on a smaller scale than the stadiums and coliseums where Pink Floyd has played, do you also have to scale down some?

Sometimes we have to scale down, but we’ll still be flying our pig; he’s about as big as a Volkswagen! Usually we tailor the size of production to venue we’re playing at. Even for an intimate venue we still put on quite a production.

Do you ever have an evening where you play an entire album?

We do that a lot, In fact, we’re doing two albums at Bogart’s , Wish You Were Here and Animals. The last time we played Bogart’s we did Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety

Have you ever done The Wall in its entirety?

Yes; in fact, it got so big had to retire it.  That culminated at Time Warner Cable Ampitheater; that was in 2008. We also performed it in theaters. Ultimately it got too big for us to do it anymore.

What’s your favorite Pink Floyd song?

I would say “Dogs.” That’s my favorite song to play live. “Hey You” is one of my favorites, and “The Great Gig in the Sky.”

Do you ever travel back to the Syd Barrett days?

We always at least two Syd Barrett tunes.

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