Free Menu Party at Aquarius Star & Om Cafe on Friday

This Friday, March 1, from 7 pm to 10 pm, there will be a menu party with free wine and food at Aquarius Star & Om Cafe at 329 Ludlow Avenue in Clifton. The party will be celebrate their new chef, Gary Garitson, and it’s also a way to shed light on some of changes taking place starting March 1.

Those changes include new hours – 7:30 am to 7 pm 7 days a week – and a streamlined focus. “The Om Café is our main focus now,” owner Lydia  Stec said. “We’re putting the seating up front, when people walk in the door, because we want to bring the cafe front and center.” The cafe is also going to look different, with (among other things) new signage in the windows. New look, new focus – and yes, new menu.  When I talked to Lydia, she seemed most excited about the fact that Gary Garitson is joining the staff as the new chef. The emphasis will continue to be on locally grown and organic ingredients, and the menu will continue to be affordable. The cafe is excited enough about his skills as a chef, however, that it’s having this special event Friday night.

A quick reminder that there are several apartment buildings Gaslight Property owns within walking distance of Aquarius Star & Om Café—and, in fact, one of them is right across the street, as Gaslight rents apartments above Graeter’s (the street address is 3405 Telford). Call 513.861.6000 to set up an appointment to look at one of these units today.

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