Last Day to Vote for Tudor Court; Jazz at Sitwell’s Monday; My Funny Valentine


Today is your final chance to show vote for Tudor Court Apartments in City Beat’s new Best of Cincinnati Readers Poll. The ballot is organized into six major sections, and one of them is Urban Life. At the top of Urban Life is the category of Apartment Community. That’s where you have an opportunity to vote for Tudor Court Apartments, which are owned by Gaslight Property and have a long Clifton history. You’ll also see lots of other Clifton businesses and venues worth voting for on the list:

City Beat Best of 2013 poll


In other news, there’s free live jazz at Sitwell’s this Monday, February 18. The group is known as Rose Room, a name that stems from a jazz standard that has long been associated with guitarist Charlie Christian in the company of Benny Goodman. Makes sense, then, that the group has described its sound as “Goodman/Christian-driven swing and other stuff.” Elsewhere, the band put it this way: “We ask Jazz out on a date and take it to White Castle.” The Faux Frenchmen have long been a hit at Sitwell’s on Wednesday nights, and Rose Room features two members of that band plus the drummer from The Raisins, The Bears, and The Psychodots. The lineup is Joe Lukasik clarinet, Don Aren bass, Chris Arduser percussion/vocal, George Cunningham guitar. The show is at 8 pm, and it’s free. On their Facebook page the band listed its interests as Misanthropy and Meat Loaf collecting, so between sets like-minded people might want to compare notes on those two very common areas of interest. Here’s a rendition of the song “Rose Room” that spawned that spawned the band’s name:

Finally, Valentine’s Day has passed, but we’re all still feeling it, right? My valentine came the day before Valentine’s Day this year. It came after driving around and taking care of fifty little chores and then finding out after I got home that one of them was only half-done. Earlier that day I went to a hospital to have my blood drawn. After I got home one of the nurses informed me that she only filled one tube when she needed to fill two. So I hopped back in the car and returned to the lab/draw room, where a different nurse took me back to do the second drawing.

On the wrong day the oversight by the earlier nurse was the kind of thing that could have me thoroughly irked, but I was busier trying to cheer my new nurse, who I noticed was even tenser than when I stopped by earlier. During round one someone sent her a script in twelve parts, but instead of putting it on one pages, they made each part a page—which translated into twelve pages to scan instead of one.

“Sounds like every job I’ve ever had,” I said, which got a laugh. About the time she started assembling a needle. I sensed someone approaching, and then I felt someone holding my hand. When I turned and looked, it was the nurse from earlier in the day. She held my hand before, during and after the blood was drawn, not in an apologetic way but just a nice way, and she continued to hold my hand as the three of us chatted about this and that. Normally with strangers our code of conduct is so limited that when something like this happens you really notice it. Pardon the pun, but I was touched. For her, here’s a rendition of “My Funny Valentine:”


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