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City Beat’s new Best of 2013 Poll gives you to a chance for Tudor Apartment as best apartment community. The category is Urban Life, and at the top of that list is Apartment Community. Tudor Court deserves top rating because:

It’s old, and it has character. Tudor Court was built in 1930, when buildings had more style, and before prefab apartment complexes took over.

Location. If you’re looking for an apartment in Cincinnati, you couldn’t find a more central location than Tudor Court Apartments. Located on Ludlow Avenue, it’s inches from dozens of stores and restaurants.

Wide variety of apartments. Tudor Court has 88 apartment units, and that includes efficiencies, one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom apartments. That means that people who are looking for an apartment in Clifton have every possible choice for a dwelling in a single building.

History. You would have a tough time finding a person who has lived in Cincinnati and/or gone to UC who hasn’t been in Tudor Court or for that matter lived there. Mention the name Jerry Santini (the apartment manager for a looong time), and the odds are (if it’s a person over a certain age), they’ll know who you’re talking about (and probably have a story to share). Plus there’s always been someone renting the space near the corner of Ludlow and Middleton. Now it’s the Clifton Performance Theatre; past tenants included the Cove Café (an earlier incarnation of Sitwell’s), the Cove Lounge (a bar), and a ballet studio.

The City Beat best-of poll also provides plenty of other opportunities to vote for other Clifton businesses. Clifton choices include (but are not limited to) Arlins, Habaneros, Aquarius Star & Om Café, China Kitchen, Bogarts, It’s Yoga, Sitwells, Clifton House Bed & Breakfast, The University of Cincinnati, Burnet Woods (for best hiking trail), and many others. Here’s a link to the poll:

Best of Cincinnati Poll




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