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Tudor Court Apartments, owned by Gaslight Property (513.861.6000)

I’ve been writing this blog for about a year now. Rather than run out of ideas,  I’m just scratching the surface. Mostly I try to focus on small businesses and creative types in the core of city (Clifton, Northside, Over the Rhine, downtown, etc.) with particular emphasis on spreading the word about people who are either the new  kids on the block – like Mediterranean King, for instance – or below the radar, like the Loft Society. It’s actually gotten to the point where people are contacting me to tell me about their new album, book, store, etc., which is great – and I encourage anyone reading this to do the same. My name is Jeff Wilson; call me at 513.281.3266 or email me at, and I’ll be happy to give you some publicity. As for subscribing, there’s a place to do that on the right side of this page, where it says Subscribe to Blog via Email. I update three times a week normally, and I promise to keep it informative and entertaining. Some folks ask me how I can be an expert on both avant-garde jazz and turncoat football coaches (Brian Kelly, for instance), and I don’t know how to explain it; it just is. I also like to write about apartments in Clifton, especially the ones connected with Gaslight Property, and you’ll see more of that.

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