Beer Tapping at Olive’s on Wednesday, January 23

A quick note to beer drinkers and food-lovers: at 6 pm on Wednesday, January 23 a beer tapping will take place at Olive’s on Ludlow. “Two Brothers Beer Tapping” said the sign I saw when I walked into Olive’s last night. When I asked the waitress, she said that this was a first for the Clifton restaurant/bar; they have a new manager who’s eager to try some new things, and if people come out for the first beer tapping, they’ll keep having them.

Two Brothers is a brewery out of Illinois that can currently only be found in five states. So, we’re among the lucky few. You’d be even luckier if you could walk to and (especially) from Olive’s. Gaslight Property has several properties within walking distance, including among them Tudor Court Apartments; 3405 Telford, which is above Graeter’s; and the Jonathan Apartments at 451 Ludlow. You can call 513.861.6000 today to set up an appointment to look at one of these spaces.

Here’s the flyer with more information about the festivities on Wednesday:


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