The Northside Record Fair: A Huge Success

It was great seeing how many people came out for the first-ever Northside Record Fair this morning. There were almost fifty tables of people selling vinyl, and there came a point when every crate in the place had someone pawing through it, and it stayed that way a long time. I have to think it was more fun for everyone because it was so dang overdue.

Chuck Cleaver from Wussy was selling records and memorabilia, and I bought publicity photos of Tom Waits and Elvis Costello from him. I also had a chance to talk to the owner of Phratry Records, Jerry Dirr, about some of his projects. It turns out he’s been extremely happy with Gotta Groove Records, the record pressing plant in Cleveland. He also spoke quite highly about the new Phratry release by Food, a band that includes Ed “fROMOHIO” Crawford, who was once a member of the fIREHOSE, a band that was once on the  SST label. The new EP is Four Pieces from Candyland, and it’s available here:

Because I got there early I was worn out by 1, so I missed some of the music – but I was able to catch a set by Wussy’s Lisa Walker, who announced to all the world that her mind wasn’t at its sharpest due to long drives while on tour. (If it makes her feel any better, I drove about a mile to get the show, and I don’t think my mind was any sharper. Plus she played a great set.)

I also had a chance to catch up with the talented and witty Shawn Abnoxious.  Shawn I know from some wonderful poetry readings where he and I both shared our work, and I liked his writing and the way he read it. He gave me a copy of his chapbook, Can I Borrow the Company Glider?, which I’ll be coming back to in another blog entry.

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