Ready to Take a Vacation? Give Suzanne Sanchez a Call

Call me old-fashioned, but when I make travel plans my first choice would be meeting with a travel agent in person.

That may sound pie-in-the-sky in this era when so much is done digitally, but as it turns out there’s a travel office located in the heart of the gaslight district, on Ormond Avenue between the library and the post office. That location has served experienced travel agent Suzanne Sanchez well, and even though I suspect the majority of her work is done over the phone (you can call her at 513.731.3369) or via email (, because of her centralized location she meets lots of customers face to face.

And as soon as they visit the Brown’s Tours and Travel office at 3410 Ormond Ave. they can tell that she loves her work.

“This is a dream job,” she told me when I recently dropped by her office. “For most people, their goal in life is to have a vacation. I go in every day and play vacation maker. Who wouldn’t be happy to do that all day long?”

I asked her what new trends involved in the world of travel planning, and she mentioned two things:

Destination weddings. “The trend that intrigues me the most is destination weddings,” she said, “and I’ve been doing a lot of those.” As one might imagine, destination weddings are a huge business, and engaged couples definitely seek out agents who have experience in this area.

All-inclusive charter packages. “I’ve been doing a lot of those as well.”

While visiting with Suzanne I learned that travel agents can be helpful that I never would have imagined. Sometimes, she explained, people contact her who are eager to visit a destination that (unknown to them) is either dangerous or substandard, and she does them a huge favor by dissuading them from going there.

Another example: the phone rang during our conversation, and when Suzanne answered it she told a customer that the price for a trip had just dropped drastically. Three months before the couple was eager to blow their entire budget on the travel package, which meant they would have been broke throughout the trip, but Suzanne urged them to be patient.

That wasn’t what they wanted to hear, but after the price went way down the couple was ecstatic.

Suzanne is in her office from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. Feel free to call her, email her or visit her. You may have noticed that the weather’s getting cold here in Cincinnati – and there are alternatives that Suzanne would be happy to tell you about.

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