Five Reasons to See Redlegs at the Esquire Theatre This Weekend

This weekend the Esquire Theatre will host  the Cincinnati premier of Redlegs, a locally-shot film by a Cincinnati native, Brandon Harris. Showtimes are 1:15, 3:00, 5:00, 7:10, 9:10, and tickets can be purchased either online or at the door. It’s running for at least a week,  but here are 5 reasons to see it this weekend:

  • You can meet the director. According to a Facebook post by the director Brandon Harris, “I’ll be on hand for Q&As after Friday and Saturday’s 7:10 shows and Sunday’s 3:00. Hope to see you all there!”
  • Redlegs has lots of locally-shot scenes with iconic settings. Per a City Beat blurb, the film includes “vanilla shakes from UDF; the Ohio River; an argument in Northside Tavern’s restroom; fisticuffs with a West Side redneck; a trip to Great American Ball Park; the WEBN fireworks.”
  • This is exactly the kind of independent art film that helps keep the movie world interesting.  When Brandon Harris returned to Ohio in 2010 to make a movie, “There was no script, no money, no cast or crew. Happy to report that thirty months after that seeemingly absurd idea, after making its way around the country and world, you, my fellow Cincinnatians, will finally have the chance to see Redlegs on the big screen.”
  • It’s a loose adaptation of a John Casavetes movie. Cassavetes was directing art films on shoestring budgets long before there was an Internet to help spread the word, but he had a huge impact with such films as Husbands, the film Redlegs is loosely based upon. So, this new film definitely has good pedigree.
  • You can have an impact on the future of this film.According to Brandon Harris, “The first weekend of our run is critical for the movie, as the theater may keep the film for a longer period of time if it performs well. So I ask that you bring your age appropriate friends and family (the film is non-rated, but not really appropriate for children) and come check it out.”

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