University of Cincinnati Ranked Top College Destination

Recently the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) compiled a list of data in order to determine the top college destinations in the US. The criteria involved academic environment, quality of life, and professional opportunity. The University of Cincinnati ranked 17th in the 2013-2014 Top Mid-Size Metros Rankings. The AIER CDI ranks destinations based on  Academic Environment, Quality of Life, and Professional Opportunities. So it wasn’t just the university that earned the high rating: it was also the city, and the neighborhoods surrounding the university. Gaslight Property has a huge and varied selection of apartments available for rent in neighborhoods close to the University of Cincinnati, and if you’re interesting in looking at some apartments, call Gaslight Property 513.861.6000. Gaslight Property also won an award recently won the 2014 UC News Record “Best of” poll, and here’s the article the New Record wrote about us. We won that poll because we offer:

  • Classic Spaces: Like most cities, Cincinnati has its share of prefab apartment complexes, but Gaslight Property rents apartments with history and character.
  • Experience: Gaslight Property is a family-owned business that’s been part of Clifton for decades.
  • Accessibility: Gaslight Property’s  office is in the heart of Clifton’s Gaslight District, within walking distance (or a short drive) for many of their tenants, so you can talk to us person to person.
  • Location: Most of Gaslight Property’s rentals are located in or near “The Uptown Area,” known for world-class education and healthcare. Within minutes you’ll find University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Cincinnati State, Hebrew Union College, University Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital. You’ll find many of of Gaslight Property’s places are pet-friendly, within walking distance of unique shops, locally-owned cafes, an independent theater, and scenic parks. Most also have close access to public transportation.

Here’s a video that shows some (but by no means all) of Gaslight’s rental properties. 


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