Vertigo on the Big Screen This Friday, October 19

It has reached the point where we can see almost any movie we want in the comfort of our own home. At the same time, because we have the history of cinema at our fingertips opportunities to watch classic films on the big screen are increasingly rare—and you’d be hard-pressed to find a film more worthy of such a viewing than Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 masterpiece, Vertigo, which will be showing at the Esquire Theatre this Friday, October 19, at 10:30 p.m. Among the reasons Vertigo belongs on the big screen:

  • Because fate has it in for him the character James Stewart plays, John “Scottie” Ferguson, who suffers from vertigo, ends up facing not one but two situations where his fear of heights gets tested. The use of the dolly zoom in order to convey the disorientation Scottie experiences needs to be seen on the full screen to be fully appreciated.
  • Bernard Herrmann’s soundtrack to the film is legendary, and it will sound great on the Esquire’s sound system.
  • The opening sequence, featuring Herrmmann’s score, the most memorable eyeball shot since Un Chien Andalou, and colorful graphics is more intense on the big screen.
  • Vertigo is a classic film in a classic theatre that’s been around 100 years, showing many Hitchcock movies during their first go-round.

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