New to America, and Living in Cincinnati?

Many of Gaslight Property’s tenants (and prospective tenants) are international, and some are new to America, with Cincinnati being the first city they live in. One of the things that people from overseas quickly learn is that the image of America they receive from thousands of miles away isn’t necessarily reality. Here I’m reminded of a story I heard once from an American who stayed with a family overseas. At dinner on one of the first nights the mother, who had never been to America, told her family that in America if someone’s car broke down they simply left it there and then went to car dealership to buy a new car.

It’s not that simple, and a lot aren’t simple for people who have just moved to America. Because of that, a webpage has been created that you should know about that could make the transition easier. Basically it’s a down-to-earth, nuts and bolts webpage with lots of information about getting started. It tells what you should expect to pay for certain things; it tells you about social security cards and other work-related matters; public transportation and the social scene are among the other matters that are addressed.

The webpage also addresses housing. Even if they plan to stay in America, most people start out renting, so the webpage is also useful in that regard. Because Gaslight Propery has so many rental units available in so many areas, calling them at 513.861.6000 could save you a lot of running around. Gaslight Property has apartments in Clifton, Northside, College Hill, Price Hill, and Northern Kentucky; one phone call to them would be the equivalent of a dozen phone calls to other rental companies. Plus Gaslight Property has nice units and a proven track record of taking care of their tenants.

Here’s the webpage that can help your move to America and Cincinnati:

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