Purity Ring at Mayday This Saturday

When I was growing up my mother always told me if you can plug two things in a blog entry that’s better than one, and three’s even better, and today I get a chance to do that. The dream pop duo Purity Ring is coming to Mayday at 4227 Spring Grove Avenue in Northside this Saturday, August 25. Purity Ring is on the 4AD label, whose recording artists also include The National, St. Vincent and Bon Iver. Tickets for Purity Ring are $10 in advance and $12 the day of the show. Mayday hosts some interesting shows that come and go very quietly, so I encourage you to keep checking their website, www.maydaynorthside.com.

As a lark, I decided to check and see if my friend David Hintz, whose DC Rock Live website is not only a good site for reading about concerts in Washington, DC (hint: they get a lot) but a place to keep up with new music in general, and I’ll be damned if the man with encyclopedic knowledge of the current music scene hadn’t seen and reviewed a live show by them. Even though I’m still smarting from the fact that Dave got to see the Zombies yet again (while I haven’t had a chance to do so even once), I’ll put my professional jealousies aside and give him another plug. (The next time you’re hanging backstage with the Zombies though, Dave, would you tell them there’s a city called Cincinnati that’s west of DC; tell them we have good chili or something). Here’s the link to Dave’s review of the show:


Also, here’s live footage of Purity Ring:


Recently the folks at Gaslight Property put together a video highlighting their Spyglass Apartments in Northside. If you’d like to look at one of these apartments, call 513.861.6000. Here’s the video:


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