Another Part of the Forest, A Record Store in Cincinnati

Another Part of the Forest is a record store located at 1333 Main Street in Over the Rhine. It’s hard to tell, with all the artwork in the windows – and with the very un-record store like name – that it is what it is, but upon entering the front door you will realize that you have entered a room where massive quantities of vinyl are for sale.

There are other stores in Cincinnati that sell vinyl, and lots of it sometimes, but I doubt that the ratio of vinyl vs. everything else in the store is anything like it is here. The owner, Michael Markiewicz – you may remember him from Kaldi’s – estimates that there are about 20,000 LPs between the first floor and the basement; there’e also a few thousand 45s.  So while there are DVDs for sale and rental, and books and magazines and CDs, the reason  people’s jaws drop when they enter the store is the staggering amount of vinyl. It’s a little out of control – and some days more than a little – but vinyl lovers like things a little messy.

So what kind of music does Another Part of the Forest sell? As far as rock is concerned, there’s everything from the staples to obscure no-hit wonders;  dance music and old-school soul music; thousands of jazz titles; classical, including “traditional”  Twentieth-century; twelve-inch singles; an extensive international collection; 78s and 45s; folk, blues country, spoken word,  totally unclassifiable strange stuff – and there’s even a rumor afloat that a bin for lounge music is in the offing…that could be major.

It’s remarkable how much vinyl has bounced back in popularity in the last five years. I know, because I have a chart of LP sales down through the years saved as the background for my computer, and it got to the point where its obituary notices were half-written. People roaming around the store have fun; it’s like an archaeological dig; and records serves to counteract what seemed like an inevitable march toward a generic lifeless Wal Mart world.  Store hours are noon to ten pm Wednesday though Sunday.

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