Did You Know About This Recording Studio?

I dropped by to see my friend Lou Lausche the other day. Along with being a bass player who’s been involved in countless jazz sessions in Cincinnati and elsewhere, Lou also, it turns out, has a recording studio names Lausche Recording Studios on Winton Road. It’s interesting just how much much memorable music has been recorded there, yet none of the Cincinnati musicians I’ve talked to so far even know it exists.

Partly that’s because the recording studio is a labor of love that’s more an offshoot of his musical interests than a full-blown commercial enterprise. That said, Lou is open for business, so here’s a couple facts: the address is 9326 Winton Road, and his phone number is 513.521.0015.

While I was at the studio I took some photos of things that jumped out at me as being special about this studio. Those things included a Steinway B:

And a Hammond B-3 organ:

Also, has a two-inch tape machine, which is another way of saying you can record analog:

Lou Lausche has been recording in that space since 1979; before that he had a studio in his basement. There’s a lot of history in those rooms, including the day that pianist Charlie Wilson dropped by, knocked on the door, and said I heard you have a piano here and I’d like to record myself on it. Lou, who had no idea who Charlie was, invited him in and turned on the tape recorder.  His response, after Charlie began to play:

“I almost fainted.”

A recording from that visit has been preserved, and it came out on this CD:


Charlie ended up playing in a quintet with Lou on bass and Paul Plummer on saxophone; live recordings by that band ended up constituting the rest of the music on volumes 1 and 2 of Driving Music.

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  1. Hi, I’m interested in getting in touch with Lou about a Jazz record he played on which was released back in the 1980’s. Do you know whether he has an email address I could contact him on? Many thanks, James

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