Ralph Peterson Fo’Tet at the Thompson House Friday Night

This Friday, August 10 a jazz heavyweight is bringing a quartet–excuse, me Fo’Tet–excuse me again, Fo’Tet with a special guest artist–to the Thompson House (i.e., what used to be called the Southgate House). The show’s from 8 pm to 11 pm, and the heavyweight of whom I speak is Ralph Peterson, a drummer who by the time he put out his first record as a leader had already collaborated with some of the baddest dudes around, Walter Davis, David Murray and Branford Marsalis among them. Tickets are twenty bucks at the door.

The Fo’Tet boasts a interesting lineup: drums, bass, vibes, and clarinet/bass clarinet. That makes for an open and colorful sound that’s unique but quite palatable. The “guest artist” of whom I speak is Edwin Bayard, a tenor player from Columbus who I happened to catch with a band led by King Reeves and Charlie Wilson. At one point in the show I filmed the drummer in the quintet, but the sax player was Edwin (or “Eddie,” as folks often call him), and here they are performing an excerpt from John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme:


This is yet another show brought to you by Doc B Productions. That’s right, Doc B is still at it, promoting jazz and, might I add, having success at it. That has something to do with the fact that he’s stuck with it for as long as he has; it might also have also have something to do with the quality of music that he books; but I’ve also come to learn that Doc B has evolved into quite the social media communicator power house as of late, and his approach is working.

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