DC Rock Live: A Unique Music Blog (Part 2)

By itself attending two hundred concerts a year is a lot, and reviewing all those shows, opening acts included, takes us well beyond the realm of casual listener. During the second part of my interview with Dave Hintz, who lives in Washington DC and whose website DC Rock Live is devoted to the concerts he attends in that city of politics and great live music, we talked about what it was like reviewing so many shows, where the threat is there of becoming blasé or grumpy. Continue reading “DC Rock Live: A Unique Music Blog (Part 2)”

DC Rock Live: A Unique Music Blog (Pt. 1)


College is supposed to be place where, when you go there, you’re exposed to interesting ideas and cultural events and all kinds of mind-blowing music, and for that reason I was shocked to learn during my freshman year at Miami University that the standard musical diet was so middle-of-the-road blah that I threatened to sue the university.

What made matters worse, everybody bought the same damn records—or almost everybody anyway. To this day, whenever I overhear “More than a Feeling” I start twitching and sweating….Whatever the opposite of nostalgia is is what I feel when I hear that song and many others that blasted from Infinity speakers all across the campus…. Continue reading “DC Rock Live: A Unique Music Blog (Pt. 1)”

Why I Love Clifton


I can explain to you why Clifton is a magic place inspiring a deep sense of awe, but in order for you to get the full picture we need to go back several years and travel to the basement of the house where my aunt and uncle live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

One week I slept in that basement while visiting the state where I grew up and where massive tribes of my relatives still live (they’re Catholic, okay?).  One night before I went to sleep I drank beer and shot one-man pool on a lopsided table worn down from years of late-night “tournaments” where subtlety and accuracy were prized less than brute force.

Later that night I discovered a black case that, when I opened it, revealed a dusty old saxophone.  The brand name—Wulitzer—conjured up images of brightly lit organs played by women with beehive hairdos in rooms with shag carpet and wood-paneling.  So was the instrument an alto or a tenor?  Neither, actually.  What I unearthed was a C melody saxophone, an instrument whose heyday, I came to learn, was between 1918 and 1930.  Being in the key of C made it easier to play than other saxophones—it required none of that transposing business that made things tricky for beginners enrolled in Music for Dummies courses—but after production plummeted during the Depression manufacturers forgot that it existed. Continue reading “Why I Love Clifton”

Time Traveling at the Esquire Theatre: Safety Not Guaranteed

That tells you what I know – on July 4 I entered the Esquire Theatre thinking that when I sat in a dark room to watch Safety Not Guaranteed I’d pretty much have the place to myself, being as July 4 is all about picnics and parades…or so I thought. Apparently the large matinee crowd was thinking what I was thinking: escape the brutal heat and sit in a cool, dark room while watching a  large screen where people try to tell you a story. Continue reading “Time Traveling at the Esquire Theatre: Safety Not Guaranteed”

Highlights of the Northside Parade

There is an art to trying to photograph the July 4 Northside Parade every year. The first thing you need to do is secure some shade – and then what you have to do is dart out of the shade and into the sun in time to take a good picture.  I did not always succeed – and in some ways I haven’t completely figured out what some of the sights and sounds I witnessed were supposed to represent, which makes going back and looking at the pictures all the more fun. Continue reading “Highlights of the Northside Parade”

The Northside Rock ‘N Roll Carnival is On…Now!

The Northside Rock ‘N Roll Carnival started at 2:30 pm today at Hoffner Park, but worry not if you missed the opening act, because the final band won’t take the stage until after midnight. Due to July 4th falling in the middle of the week, the music only lasts one day this year, which means fewer groups overall, but the folks running the show went out of their way to pack the event with a strong lineup that includes The Big Sleep (from NYC) at 11:00 and Pujol (from Nashville) at 12:20. I have a hunch that the crowds will grow as the temperature drops for this event, and nothing’s going to stop people from attending the July 4th parade taking place at noon. There’s also an all you can eat pancake breakfast at 9 in the morning on July 4th at North Presbyterian Church, located at 4222 Hamilton Avenue. Continue reading “The Northside Rock ‘N Roll Carnival is On…Now!”

Higher End Apartments at a Reasonable Cost: 550 Lowell Ave. in Clifton

Some nice apartments just opened up in Clifton, and lots of them: currently there are 11 units available at 550 Lowell Avenue, which is within walking distance of the University of Cincinnati.

The reason so many apartments became available at once is that the entire 12-unit building was recently remodeled. Because of that, this a rare opportunity to rent fresh new apartments at a low price. These units, which can work as  two-bedroom apartments or as one bedrooms with an office, are just $795 a month with free heat and water.

The amenities include the following: dishwasher; built-in microwave; ceiling fans; large European showers; all new wood flooring; new kitchen cabinets, new windows and new lighting fixtures. And don’t forget: the location is great: you’ll be within walking distance of the University of Cincinnati and Ludlow Avenue, where the best movie theater in the city is centrally located.

Call 513.861.6000 to set up an appointment to see these apartments or any of the myriad of other apartments Gaslight Property has available in the greater Cincinnati area.