What’s In Store for Bogart’s

In a recent blog entry the general manager of Bogart’s, Karen Foley, told me some of the changes she made shortly after taking that role, and later in that same interview I asked her what she had in store in the future.

It turns out a lot is changing soon.

“In the next couple weeks we’re going to build out of the back of the building a smoking patio,” she said, “and with any luck we’ll have drinks out there. Also, we are building VIP platforms above our bars on the floor.”

Then she mentioned something that gas to sound appealing to that small minority of us who on a rare occasion like to consume a little alcohol.

“We’re going to redo the bars so we can serve people faster,” she said. “If you spent good money you shouldn’t spend time waiting.”

Those words were spoken the day before I attended the Santigold show, and while I was at the show the long beer lines made me wonder if perhaps the people who consume alcohol aren’t such a small minority after all.

Nothing brings a buzz to a music venue better than a killer concert, and the announcement by Bogart’s this week that the Afghan Whigs would be performing there on October 25 was a surefire attention getter. Along with changing the nightclub, Karen and the rest of the Bogart’s crew are making improvements to the neighborhood, and therein lies my next blog entry.

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