Favorite Concert Ever, Part 1

The response to the contest where people were supposed to write about their best concert ever was so overwhelming that I’ll have to break it down into separate blog entries. The first two top-prize winning entries happen to have been written by women, which leads to me to wonder if men don’t trail behind the fair sex a bit when it comes to appreciating a good live concert…Maybe not, but I just wanted to throw it out there. The idea for this contest came via Karen Foley, the general manager of Bogart’s, who offered tickets  to tonight’s Santigold concert for the two most entertaining concert stories concerning an all-time favorite concert. (There are still tickets left for tonight’s show, by the way.) And here, at last, is first prize, courtesy of Claudia Cartolano Taylor:

I am a veteran concert goer. I am in my 40’s and have been to many, many concerts since I was a kid. In fact, my first concert was Iggy Pop at the Taft. I was not even out of grade school. My parents were out and some neighborhood kids, a hair older than I, had an extra ticket for Iggy Pop at the Taft. I hopped in the car and  got to not only see Iggy, but David Bowie came out and played with Iggy on a couple of songs. I was almost a teenager, overwhelmed, in awe, and hooked on music. GOOD Music! Plus, my high school neighbors got me home and tucked in before my parents ever knew. Could’ve been a scene out of the film, ALMOST FAMOUS.

I have had many a good time and saw many a great show at Bogart’s over the past 3 decades too. Everything from 10,000 Maniacs to crazy freak show Gwar. Most recently, The Psychedelic Furs this past March. I ran into many ‘blasts from the past’ and The Furs were excellent. Looking forward to many more shows at Bogart’s and running into more “blasts” from the past, present, & future.

Running a close second was this entry by Shari Lauter:

My favorite concert was Anjelique Kidjoe at Royal Albert Hall. She had Bright blonde hair, and an 11-piece band with African drummers; rockin!!! Incredibly well balanced acoustics in a gorgeous hall very much more oriented to an opera or symphony performance. The well turned out patrons obediently filled the seats throughout the hall while the neo-modern 70s crystal chandeliers twinkled above.
Me, though, within the first 8 bars I can’t sit still, I’m in the aisle dancing madly while the concertgoers up in balconies 1, 2, 3 and 4, all peer down wondering “who is that mad woman dancing by herself in the aisle of Royal Albert Hall”? While on my part, I’m looking at all these people in their seats sitting still, thinking “Who are all these mad people, glued to their seats–how come they’re not dancing in the aisles?

When I talked to Karen Foley about Bogart’s the other night, I asked her what her favorite concert ever was, and she quickly said, “My favorite was Rob Zombie at Comerica Theatre in Phoenix. It was a benefit show, and he dressed up in a Santa Claus outfit. It was really cool to see him in that way.”

After telling me that, Karen took the conversation in a different direction: she told me, in much more detail than her favorite concert, her least favorite concert. With that in mind, I encourage any of my readers to email me at disdat@hotmail.com with the concert they disliked the most; I’ll include those along with Karen’s response.

Tonight I’ll be at Santigold, and tomorrow I’ll write about the show. If you subscribe to this blog, you’ll automatically receive in an email some info and pictures about the Santigold show, more information about what’s going on at Bogart’s, more favorite concerts as well as some least favorite concerts – and that takes us through the beginning of next weeks. So subscribe, subscribe, and tell your friends to subscribe as well!


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