Channing & Quinn at Sitwell’s Tonight

Here’s my vote for the best kept musical secret in Cincinnati: Sitwell’s Coffee House on Ludlow Avenue. Time was when Sitwell’s played occasional host to live musical performances with a slim roster, and there were sound and visibility issues: often the band seemed to labor away in the corner, ignored by the crowd.

All that has changed, not because Sitwell’s decided to put more emphasis on live performance but because musicians around the country are calling the coffee house from out of the blue in hopes of setting up a gig. The owner of Sitwell’s, Lisa Storie, has no idea how they dialed her in, but the fact is they did, and along with presenting an interesting array of artists the staff at Sitwell’s have become pros at presenting music.

Tonight at 9 pm the Nashville duo Channing & Quinn will be performing at Sitwell’s. Their music has been referred to as indie folk; solid songwriting and  musicianship as well as the impressive vocals of Channing – plus witty lyrics – are among the traits that distinguish this band. Also – as you’ll see if you check this out this video – Channing & Quinn have, among their arsenal of instruments, a xylophone. In this video you only get to see the xylophone, but if you come to Sitwell’s tonight you’ll be able to hear it.

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