Roland Kirk on WMKV Sunday, July 1 at 10:00 PM

Even Rahsaan Roland Kirk fans who live in Cincinnati are often unaware of his connection he had with this city. During a recent talk at MotrPub, Jim Tarbell mentioned that he used to see a blues band downtown that had in its horn section Roland Kirk. Local jazz artists Ron Enyard and Charlie Wilson have both performed with him. And for a short period the jazz wunderkind lived in Cincinnati. Continue reading “Roland Kirk on WMKV Sunday, July 1 at 10:00 PM”

Meet Charlie Wilson, A Kick-Ass Jazz Pianist

Part of the process of becoming a jazz musician is learning the technical side of a genre that’s extremely demanding.

There’s something else, though, something inside you, something intangible but real—and whatever that is, Charlie Wilson has it, and so does his partner in crime, King Reeves. The two of them will be performing duets together Friday, June 29 at 9:00 PM at the Thompson House, which is what used to be called the Southgate House. Vibraphonist King Reeves and pianist Charlie Wilson have performed together for a couple decades, and they were friends before that. When they perform together you can feel the chemistry of two cats who love each other and love jazz. Continue reading “Meet Charlie Wilson, A Kick-Ass Jazz Pianist”

What’s In Store for Bogart’s

In a recent blog entry the general manager of Bogart’s, Karen Foley, told me some of the changes she made shortly after taking that role, and later in that same interview I asked her what she had in store in the future.

It turns out a lot is changing soon.

“In the next couple weeks we’re going to build out of the back of the building a smoking patio,” she said, “and with any luck we’ll have drinks out there. Also, we are building VIP platforms above our bars on the floor.” Continue reading “What’s In Store for Bogart’s”

The Afghan Whigs Coming to Bogart’s

Just as I was finally getting ready to return to the interview I conducted with the general manage of Bogart’s, Karen Foley, news comes to me that pre-sale tickets are on sale starting at noon today for the Afghan Whigs, who haven’t played a concert anywhere in over ten years, and are returning to Bogart’s, the last place they played. The show is October 25; presale tickest are available to Afghan Whigs fans starting at noon at THIS LINK

The password for pre-sales is:     uptownagain

Another option: tickets go on sale to the general public this Friday at 10 a.m.

My favorite Afghan Whigs concert took place at Shorty’s On Vine, a small, short-lived venue that had some great acts, including the Smashing Pumpkins. During their encore, the Afghan Whigs played back to back – although I don’t remember in what order – “Rain” by the Beatles and “Africa” by Toto.

Favorite Concert Ever, Part 2

I have lots more to say about new things going on at Bogart’s and on Short Vine in general, and I’ll get to that this week – but today I wanted to wrap up (maybe) the theme of favorite concert ever. Guitarist extraordinaire and music teacher extraordinaire Jeff King had this to say about a series of Michael Hedges concerts that took place at Bogart’s:

The crowds at some of those Bogart’s shows were simply amazing. There would be thunderous applause and standing ovations in the middle of songs and then it would be so quiet you could hear a pin drop during the ballads. Hedges really fed off that energy. I’ll never forget him doing the bluesy, vocal riff on “Gimme Shelter.” Continue reading “Favorite Concert Ever, Part 2”

Seeing Santigold Live at Bogart’s

Last night was very nostalgic for me and my friends. Several of us had arranged to meet at Bogart’s for the Santigold concert, but no one had nailed what time they planned to arrive, so when I showed up a few minutes before Santigold was supposed to take the stage (I had missed the opening act completely), I wondered if I got there too late.

As it turned, out though, everyone—and this was three different groups of friends—showed up right around that time, not because they wanted to blow off the opening act but because, like me, they were running around and doing all that stuff you gotta do before you can go out and have fun. Continue reading “Seeing Santigold Live at Bogart’s”

Favorite Concert Ever, Part 1

The response to the contest where people were supposed to write about their best concert ever was so overwhelming that I’ll have to break it down into separate blog entries. The first two top-prize winning entries happen to have been written by women, which leads to me to wonder if men don’t trail behind the fair sex a bit when it comes to appreciating a good live concert…Maybe not, but I just wanted to throw it out there. The idea for this contest came via Karen Foley, the general manager of Bogart’s, who offered tickets  to tonight’s Santigold concert for the two most entertaining concert stories concerning an all-time favorite concert. (There are still tickets left for tonight’s show, by the way.) And here, at last, is first prize, courtesy of Claudia Cartolano Taylor:

I am a veteran concert goer. I am in my 40’s and have been to many, many concerts since I was a kid. In fact, my first concert was Iggy Pop at the Taft. I was not even out of grade school. My parents were out and some neighborhood kids, a hair older than I, had an extra ticket for Iggy Pop at the Taft. I hopped in the car and  got to not only see Iggy, but David Bowie came out and played with Iggy on a couple of songs. I was almost a teenager, overwhelmed, in awe, and hooked on music. GOOD Music! Plus, my high school neighbors got me home and tucked in before my parents ever knew. Could’ve been a scene out of the film, ALMOST FAMOUS. Continue reading “Favorite Concert Ever, Part 1”

What’s New at Bogart’s


Karen Foley, General Manager of Bogart’s

Sometimes it takes a person who lives thousands of miles away to make it clear how special something is that’s right in your hometown—and that’s true even if it some of the luster was temporarily lost. When I talked tonight to Karen Foley, the new general manager of Bogart’s (she assumed the position in September of last year), she made it clear right away that she had great respect for the club on short Vine in Corryville.

“I came from Arizona and I had done my research, and I knew that Bogart’s was an iconic venue,” she said. “Everybody knew about it. Unfortunately when I got here the building the neighborhood was less than desirable. There was graffiti on the front door to welcome me. And the bathrooms, I wouldn’t even use them.”

So where did she start? Continue reading “What’s New at Bogart’s”