Surviving Summer at Sitwell’s

You’ve always been able to count on Sitwell’s Coffee House on Ludlow Avenue for one-of-a-kind concoctions, and when I dropped by today I learned of a couple cold drinks that could help us survive the recent balmy weather.

One of the servers, Nicole, recommended the new mint chocolate chip cappuccino shake, which isn’t on the menu, but it’s already a hit.

Nicole also said that her staple for the hot months is iced coffee, which seems to taste better the more the temperature and humidity ascend.

The owner of Sitwell’s, Lisa Storie, says her favorite hot weather drink is a black raspberry grape yogurt smoothie. Those aren’t on the menu either, but Sitwell’s has been making them a long time, and it might be just what you need as you come in from the tropical weather.

While you’re in Sitwell’s you should also check out an exhibit of art by local cartoonists, the “Lost Cats: An Inter-Generational Cartoon Art Show” that’s on the walls.

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