Art Exhibit at Clifton Cultural Arts Center

From June 1 to August 2 the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, located at 3711 Clifton Ave., will be hosting an exhibit that deals with a theme that must have struck a chord with both local and national artists.

“The response was phenomenal,” the CCAC’s press release states; “in excess of 200 pieces were submitted for consideration.”

Ultimately 20 works were chosen. So what was the theme that drew such a strong response?

ReRoot was inspired by the Old Clifton School’s (now the Clifton Cultural Arts Center) multiple identities as the community’s needs have evolved,” the press release added. “Holding over 100 years of civic use, school memories, and Cincinnati history, CCAC is simultaneously a reinvented place and an affirmation of its past. In recognition of the Center’s own ‘rerooting,’ the curatorial team invited artists to explore theirs.”

The hours for the exhibit will be as follows: Mondays, noon – 5pm; Thursdays, noon – 7pm; and Saturdays, 9am – noon. Also, the opening (which takes place on Friday, June 1, from 6:00 to 8:30 pm) promises to be quite colorful:

“The opening (on Friday, from 6 :00 – 8:30 pm) will feature an exclusive sneak-peak showing of Cincy Story Mural, a citywide public art project revealing the narrative of Cincinnati through the photos and handwritten memories of its residents. The University of Cincinnati’s Racial Awareness Program (RAPP) is debuting a series of pieces depicting members’ personal battles with race and identity as experienced through their communities and participation in RAPP, visually rendered by local artist/activist Marjorie Bledsoe. Justin West, an emerging composer and community arts educator, is debuting his sound installation: Dancing, an immersive choral experience that invites the participant to travel through concentric sublime rings of human voice. 24 unique singers are composed into a holistic composite as the center of the installation is approached.”

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