Bob Marley Comes to the Esquire Theatre

Although this happened back in college, I can still remember a friend from Cleveland coming back after a break and speaking with a gleam in his eyes as he described a Bob Marley concert in Cleveland. My friend made it clear that from the time Marley took the stage to the last encore there was an energy in the building that was not to be believed.

Unfortunately, I never had a chance to see Bob Marley, but I definitely would have made the road trip because it was clear that he was a brilliant musician. I still play the Marley records I bought when I was in college, and I’ve watched a lot of footage – but the closest I’m going to come to experiencing what my friend experienced when he saw Marley in concert will take place when I watch the documentary Marley that is opening this Friday, May 4 at the Esquire Theatre in Clifton.

The movie goes back to the beginning, and along with interviews it has lots of concert footage. In other words, this is one documentary you need to see on the big screen and hear on the big speakers. Reggae music has a laid back and sensual quality, but live Bob Marley was a force of nature. I can feel that even when I watch him on a laptop and listen through mini-speakers; now it’s time to up the ante.


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