Surviving Summer at Sitwell’s

You’ve always been able to count on Sitwell’s Coffee House on Ludlow Avenue for one-of-a-kind concoctions, and when I dropped by today I learned of a couple cold drinks that could help us survive the recent balmy weather.

One of the servers, Nicole, recommended the new mint chocolate chip cappuccino shake, which isn’t on the menu, but it’s already a hit.

Nicole also said that her staple for the hot months is iced coffee, which seems to taste better the more the temperature and humidity ascend.

The owner of Sitwell’s, Lisa Storie, says her favorite hot weather drink is a black raspberry grape yogurt smoothie. Those aren’t on the menu either, but Sitwell’s has been making them a long time, and it might be just what you need as you come in from the tropical weather.

While you’re in Sitwell’s you should also check out an exhibit of art by local cartoonists, the “Lost Cats: An Inter-Generational Cartoon Art Show” that’s on the walls.

Fund Raiser for Larry Goshorn at Redmoor Saturday, May 26

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, there’s some footage here of part one of the series “Jim Tarbell Talks Music” that began last Sunday, May 20, and will continue the following two Sundays, May 27 and June 3, at 2 pm at Motr Pub. This is one of the three parts that an audience member filmed, and the other two parts are on the same webpage. After the talk I asked the couple that was filming if they could send along footage, and they were nice enough to do that – so thanks to Dave and Julie Gallenstein for uploading it:

Continue reading “Fund Raiser for Larry Goshorn at Redmoor Saturday, May 26”

Art Exhibit at Clifton Cultural Arts Center

From June 1 to August 2 the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, located at 3711 Clifton Ave., will be hosting an exhibit that deals with a theme that must have struck a chord with both local and national artists.

“The response was phenomenal,” the CCAC’s press release states; “in excess of 200 pieces were submitted for consideration.”

Ultimately 20 works were chosen. So what was the theme that drew such a strong response? Continue reading “Art Exhibit at Clifton Cultural Arts Center”

Jim Tarbell Talks Music

Close to thirty people were in attendance at Motr Pub yesterday for the first of three talks Jim Tarbell is giving there, which is to say that every seat in the room was taken, and it felt very comfortable, like just the right number of people attended. (The next two talks are at two pm the next two Sundays.)

And it’s neat to think that they had come out simply to hear someone talk about Cincinnati’s musical legacy. You could tell, by the questions people asked and the cheers they gave when certain musicians were mentioned, that these were real music lovers.

And Cincinnati lovers, or so I would assume. When it came to music, Jim Tarbell’s talk was at times a little short on specifics, but as soon as he turned a corner to Cincinnati history he was as in-depth and detailed as a historian, which makes sense: he is one. Continue reading “Jim Tarbell Talks Music”

Disaster, Discovery and Dolphins

The Ninth Annual Cincinnati Fringe Festival is now upon us. From May 29 to June 9 performances ranging from wacky to edgy will stimulate, challenge and entertain audiences that continue to grow.

For me this year is especially of interest because it will feature a world premier by John Ray, a writer whose work I know from the days when I was a regular both as an audience member and performer at the Performance Times Arts Series. Continue reading “Disaster, Discovery and Dolphins”

Jim Tarbell at Motr Pub


In spite of the fact that when I walk in there Motr Pub is often packed, I still run into people who have no idea that it exists, so let’s start at the beginning: Motr Pub is a new bar (it opened in September 2010) located at 1345 Main Street in Over the Rhine, and it’s a great place to hear local, regional and national bands. The cover is zero dollars, but I suspect they make a buck or two with their great (and changing) selection of draft and bottle beers, other liquids as well as a menu that includes their much-loved Motr Burgers.  The artists I’ve seen perform there include Akron/Family and Richard Buckner, and I feel fortunate to be able to drive just a couple miles to see artists of that stature. Continue reading “Jim Tarbell at Motr Pub”

A Brilliant Pianist

Charlie Wilson is a pianist who lives in Cincinnati and plays out on a rare occasion, usually in the company of King Reeves, an equally talented vibraphonist. Sometimes the two of them work as a duet and sometimes they expand the lineup to a quintet. Decades ago, while he was living in California, Charlie played with Don Cherry – and this goes back far enough that it was actually before the Ornette Coleman Quartet that changed the shape of jazz. After moving to Cincinnati, Charlie toured with Roland Kirk.

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The Listing Loon in Northside: Craft Beer and (Soon to Be) More

Quite often the challenge for a new business is staying afloat until people start walking in the door.

That seems to be a non-issue, however, at the Listing Loon, a new craft beer and more store on the main drag (4124 Hamilton Ave.) in Northside.

When I dropped in the first time to ask how business was, our conversation kept getting interrupted by people buying beer—which was impressive considering that the Listing Loon had been open less than a week. Continue reading “The Listing Loon in Northside: Craft Beer and (Soon to Be) More”