Annunciation Gala April 28 (This Saturday!)

Tickets still remain for the Fifth Annual Annunciation Gala taking place this Saturday at Annunciation School, located at 3545 Clifton Ave. Today I asked the school principal, Cindy Hardestry, a few questions about the event.

Why should people attend the Annunciation Gaslight Gala?

It’s a fabulous event. The food is delicious and the music is great. Most importantly it’s an opportunity to see people in the community. It’s not just the Clifton community; it’s the community at large. It’s such a small world; people run into someone they haven’t seen in years and renew old friendships. 

What do people seem to enjoy the most?

People every year say, ‘When is this going to be next year’ because they enjoy it so much. They have a fair number of alumni. People who don’t get together any other time of year, they get together here.

Tell us a little about the school…

We are as unique as the Clifton community in which we’re located. We have the most diverse student body of any school I know in this area. We have students representing 18 different countries in this school. We celebrate the diversity of our student body with  the annual international festival..

What do enjoy most about the event?

What warms my heart the most is that so many people who have no personal connection with Annunciation come out to support it.

Late this week I’ll share some Q & A’s with Claudia Taylor, who has been an enthusiastic  supporter of the event since the beginning. In the meantime here’s a link with more information about the event:



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